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How We Do It

Multitasking is an Understatement

Product Strategy

We believe in a core product strategy to guide clients from ideas through launch.We don’t build anything that your business doesn’t need. We ask questions. We find solutions. We combine strategy and engineering to identify benchmarks to measure success. Because if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter.

Product Methodology


We offer more than engineering excellence. We provide a dedicated team who will work with you to better understand what you are trying to achieve and why. These insights will drive development and allow us to identify and define successful outcomes.



Validating an idea isn’t a one-size-fits-all checklist. We build tangible prototypes to test and assess the potential of an idea—every product is different and should be tested against your success criteria.


Your dedicated 3Pillar team collaborates with you through every development stage, gaining better context for your product. This allows us to develop across all product capabilities simultaneously—delivering a rapid time-to-market value.


Our unique, business-minded engineers will help you advance your products quickly and expertly. We leverage our Adaptive PLM Methodology to work with your business needs in order to rapidly evolve your existing products while providing continuous innovation for the future.