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Consulting Services

Today, consultation proves beneficial in a lot of ways. Consulting services can be helpful to someone with their business strategy and opportunities whether they are now starting out or have already been established. Riviera consultants are skilled specialists in Telecom, Financial, and System integration who ensure their work will pay for the client. Requirements of the customers while choosing a consulting firm:

Riviera fulfills the above requirements of the customers by providing you the best consultants and staff augmentation services. Riviera believes in providing satisfaction to the customers who encompasses success to our customers and employees. Riviera believes that in order to provide the best to our customers, our personnel should be best. Riviera takes the recruiting process seriously. While recruiting staff, we use the latest technology and strong relationships to maximize workload proficiency. We provide experienced and trained professionals as needed by our clients. We appoint consultants with the specific skills necessary for your project, thus increasing our customer company's productivity and efficiency.


IT & Telecom Staffing Services

Riviera is a firm believer that the strength of a company lies in its people. Riviera helps you gain success by providing you with the best staffing services. Riviera provides experienced consultants, having varied expertise levels and technologies, both on a permanent and consulting basis. Riviera has provided services to a range of clients successfully for a variety of needs. Having invested heavily into our screening and technical selection processes, we are able to commit the quality of the resources provided. Staffing Services is about enabling your organization to manage your work force more strategically. Riviera is known for offering reliable and thorough focusing on locating, screening, and qualifying the best candidates. Our team-based recruiting system results in rapid response, deep client understanding, and collaboration. Our Recruiting Coordinators are certified professionals-skilled at their jobs-who know their market inside and out. It is their commitment to the client and candidate that ensures our success. Riviera not only provides the best consultants, we provide a warranty. This warranty is just a measure to show how convinced they are about their consultant and is for both contract and permanent positions. Contract 15 days performance warranty and 15 days replacement warranty. Permanent position 30 days employee resignation / termination warranty.Riviera follows 6 steps Screening Process starting from receiving the application to Submission.


Software Development Services

Transformation of a great innovative idea into a profitable product is challenging. Riviera helps companies to build software products they can sell to their customer. Riviera takes care of all aspects of the product development cycle including R&D, prototyping, development, testing, maintenance, and support. Depending on the area of application, we adapt software products to multiple platforms, devices, and databases. Products we work on range from large security and compliance systems to entertainment applications running on millions of handsets. Riviera provides following Software Development Services :

As a company with a long experience in the IT market, Riviera has established close relationships with a number of foreign customers that turned to our company as their outsourcing partner looking for expertise not available among their staff.


Security Services

Riviera has been involved in deep security assessment and compliance since the beginning of Internet days, having certified many well-known financial and energy firms, and Homeland Security departments for their internal and external compliance.

Riviera understands end to end security and is as comfortable assessing infrastructure of a site as it is assessing their application source code as it is sizing up security in the cloud.

Riviera has also been part of the due diligence and Security compliance of many large firm’s offshoring setup. From assessing the offshore partner’s Security processes to their ongoing daily processes since then.

Experiences such as these has given Riviera the right security pedigree to take on Security in the Cloud world which really is a combination of outsourced services and virtualized computing in the Cloud.

Our newest service keeps the rampant Ransomware in mind and provides services to shield your firm from such threats including offering optional cyber insurance.

With access to some of the best Security and Compliance minds in the business, Riviera is ready to secure your legacy and cloud business and also help you understand and migrate your environment into the Cloud if it makes business sense.

Riviera ensures your sensitive information is safe from unauthorized internal or external access. If a critical situation arises, you want to know that your information is protected and backed up somewhere safe. With our security solutions, we detect and act upon the attack by stopping it and rolling back any harmful changes made to the client machine thereby minimizing downtime and allowing your business to run uninterrupted with its reputation and brand intact.

As a company with a long experience in the IT market, Riviera has established close relationships with a number of foreign customers that turned to our company as their outsourcing partner looking for expertise not available among their staff.