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A Letter from Riviera's President

Dear Clients, Patners and Associates

Welcome to our new website ! If this is your first visit, we are happy you're here. And if this is a return, we are even happier. Look around. You will see new images, look, and content. We're excited to tell you about our center of excellance,and about our Lifecycle IT solutions.Please explore all the changes we have made.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the subject of change. It seems to be the very nature of this business. Changes in software and information technology – how to create it, use it, and manage it – come at every organization with such lightning speed.

At Riviera we’ve gone through our share of changes: adapting to changing markets, and to evolving client needs. I want to thank our clients, and our dedicated consultants, for the opportunity to do so.There are certain things we will not change, however I'd like to share these with you, too. We founded this enterprise as an IT services company -- one that provides unexpected added value to our clients. We will continue this practice throughout our operations in U.S and India.We are a company that cares deeply about our connection to the world around us. Our employees have a passion for causes and organizations dear to their hearts.

We are committed to their having the time and energy to give back to the communities where we do business.And, we are a company that strives to stay one step ahead: of business trends, market conditions, and competition. For example, we were among the first in our category to develop offshore resources, and now our Centers of Excellence. Staying one step ahead is good for our clients, our consultants, and our community. We look forward to what that brings in the months and years to come, and we hope you’ll be a part of it.




Maximizing Diversity

Riviera Consulting is committed to maximize diversity within our workforce and our supplier base. Doing so means we have more opportunity for growth and innovation, which directly transfer to the benefit of our clients. Read more, including how to register as a supplier to Riviera, by following the links to the left.

Workforce Diversity

Creativity and innovation rely on exposure to new ideas, dissimilar ways of thinking, and different approaches to problem solving. That’s one reason Riviera values employee diversity as a key strategy for delivering the best-possible solutions and services to the marketplace. Each of our employees comes to us with unique skills and perspectives.

By actively diversifying the mix of talents and viewpoints on our team, and by encouraging each employee’s continued professional development, we can make a more effective contribution to our clients, communities, and people.Riviera employs a range of strategies and tactics to recruit diverse talent to our staff and consultant base. Besides utilizing several reputable online job boards, we seek out recruiting opportunities at area universities and with key constituency groups.

Supplier Diversity Programs

As a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Riviera Consulting knows first-hand the critical importance of supplier diversity programs. Developing mutually beneficial relationships with diverse high-quality suppliers is simply good citizenship, contributing to the economic vibrancy of the communities in which we do business.The specific objectives of Riviera ’s supplier diversity program are Help a qualified, diverse set of suppliers compete with other, well-established firms Mentor and guide these suppliers toward growth Achieve an annual spend rate of 25% among this base, either directly or through our suppliers’ subcontractors.

One way to meet these objectives is to make sure we are conducting a portion of our business with suppliers that have been certified as one or more of the following

Registering with Riviera

To register with Riviera Consulting as a qualified business under our supplier diversity program, please follow these steps:


Print and complete our Supplier Profile Form

Thank you for your interest in Riviera Consulting Supplier Diversity Program. So that we may maximize our business relationship, please complete this form in its entirety.


Attach a copy of your certification from one or more of the agencies above

Click Here to Download the Supplier Diversity Program Registration Form

If you have any questions in the process, please contact us at 973-339-7901.


Mail the form and certification copy to:

Riviera Consulting LLC

Attn: Supplier Diversity Program

239 New Road, Suite B205

Parsippany, NJ-07054