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Security Services

Cyber Security Services

Riviera is a Global Business and Technology Services firm specializing in the areas of CyberSecurity, Data Analytics, App & Dashboard Development, and Sales Acceleration in a number of industries. Our management and specialists have years of experience in these fields and work with you by understanding your needs, environment, and clients in providing practical solutions that is process driven and replicable utilizing industry best practices. Our customer focus has helped us succeed at many Fortune 100 and small and medium sized companies. The management at Riviera have both hands on and management experience from some of the best known firms in the world and has a board of advisers comprising of the Who’s Who of the Fortune 500 companies. Due to this powerful network they are able to accelerate sales of clients in many areas other than technology, making it more than a win-win when you engage Riviera.

Riviera has rich experience in the Cyber Security having been part of pioneering security service to large financial and energy firms since the late 1990’s.

The Riviera team has certified many other large firms in various industries including Energy and Pharmaceutical support services.

Riviera understands end to end security and is as comfortable assessing infrastructure of a site as it is assessing your application source code as it is sizing up security in the cloud. Our newest service keeps the rampant Ransomware in mind and provides services to shield your firm from such threats including offering optional cyber insurance that would provide more comprehensive policy as currently you might have less cyber coverage than you think.

Services to prevent Ransomware

Riviera offer services to prevent Ransomware by rapidly detecting and acting on Ransomware attacks that could cripple your business.

App and Dashboard Development


We offer a distinct advantage when it comes to App and Dashboard Development. Our expansive knowledge of Application Development and Data Analytics helps us provide your business with exactly the solutions you need. We have extensive experience in System Architecture, Open Source Systems, Application development, Integration solutions, Cloud based solution, Service based solutions, Big Data, Data Services, Mobile Applications, Hadoop Ecosystem, Real Time Analytics and Reporting Tools. Apps and Dashboard: Riviera has a solid record on Apps Development and data heavy Dashboards that are easy to use but powerful in the information they provide you to get an edge in your business. We have experience providing application development to various industries including the Education Sector, Dept of Homeland Security, Food Manufacturing, Pramaceutical, and Financial Services to name just a few.